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School Psychologists

Braden Mayes
Santa Fe Trail
Email   Braden Mayes

Amy Redmon
MdCV & Lyndon
Email   Amy Redmon

Treva Gulick
Osage City & Burlingame
Email  Treva Gulick

Kathryn Williamson
West Franklin

Speech & Language Pathologists

Mike Morgan
Email   Mike Morgan
Amber Stifter
West Franklin
Email   Amber Stifter
Jenny Mader
Burlingame & Osage City

Heather Estrada
Osage City
Karen McVay
Email   Karen McVay

Amy Potter
Carbondale, Scranton & SFTHS
Email   Amy Potter
Sarah Skiles
Email  Sarah Skiles

Jessica Caceres
Email Jessica Caceres 


Alicia Amborski
Santa Fe Trail
Kelly Deweese
West Franklin, Lyndon & MdCV
Email Kelly Deweese

Kevin Kramer
Osage City & Burlingame
Email Kevin Kramer
Alexia Wells
Email Alexia Wells

Birth to Three & ECSE
Ruth Jones
Birth to Three Program
Email Ruth Jones
Janine Vandiver
Birth to Three & ECSE
Email Janine Vandiver

Occupational Therapists
Marilyn Runyon
Lyndon, Osage City, MdCV & West Franklin
Email Marilyn Runyon

Tammy Miller
Santa Fe Trail & Burlingame
Email Tammy Miller
Regina Evans
Certified Occupational
 Therapy Assistant
Email Regina Evans
Jessica Collins
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Email Jessica Collins

Physical Therapists
Kelly Courtney
Burlingame, Santa Fe Trail & West Franklin
Email Kelly Courtney

Adrian Proctor
Lyndon, MdCV, Osage City & Overbrook
Email Adrian Proctor

Vocational & Teacher Mentors

Amy Mader
West Franklin & MdCV
Email  Amy Mader

Heather Berckefeldt
Santa Fe Trail & Lyndon
Email Heather Berckefeldt 

Joe Serna
Osage City & Burlingame
Email Joe Serna


Kristy Markham
Burlingame, Lyndon & MdCV Nurse
Email Kristy Markham

Linda King
West Franklin Nurse
Email Linda King