Gifted Teachers

Kevin Kramer

USD 420, 454, 421, and 456

Email: Kevin Kramer

Kelly Deweese

USD 287, 434, 421, and 456

Email:  Kelly Deweese

USD 287

Julie Ohlde

Email: Julie Ohlde

Elizabeth Hendee

Email: Elizabeth Hendee

Amber Booton

Email: Amber Booton

Sandra Howe

Email: Sandra Howe

Denise Kraft-Cooper

Email: Denise Cooper

Tonya Eastman

Email: Tonya Eastman

JaNell Brown

Email: JaNell Brown

Sonila Hollman

Email: Sonila Holloman

Nancy Reed

Email: Nancy Reed

USD 420

Jennifer Long

Email: Jennifer Long

Jenn Brown

Email: Jenn Brown

Bekka Glover

Email: Bekka Glover

Cori Thomas

Email: Cori Thomas

Traci Middleton

Email: Traci Middleton

Amy Crawford

Email: Amy Crawford

Diana Converse

Email: Diana Converse

Tyler Buche

Email: Tyler Buche

Mitchell Foote

Email: Mitch Foote

USD 421

Erin Cole

Email: Erin Cole

Mark Brewer

Email: Mark Brewer

Christy Meiers

Email: Christy Meiers

Rae Bilby

Email: Rae Bilby

USD 434

Rebecca Parkhill

Email: Rebecca Parkhill

Donna Prettyman

Email: Donna Prettyman

Scott Adams

Email: Scott Adams

Jessica Nicholson

Email: Jessica Nicholson

Bev Rose

Email: Bev Rose

Jess Lewis

Email: Jess Lewis

Sam Hendee

Email: Sam Hendee

Arlene Mayes

Email: Arlene Mayes

Lori Puckett

Email: Lori Puckett

USD 454

Scarlett Manker

Email: Scarlett Manker

James Spencer

Email: Jim Spencer

Dita Kopp

Email: Dita Kopp

Merissa Slade

Email: Merissa Slade

USD 456

Marie Cormode

Email: Marie Cormode

Allyson Murrow

Email: Allyson Murrow

Mike McDougald

Email: Mike McDougald